Teacher Professional Development in Texas

Renewal of Standard Certificates Online: http://www.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECOnline/certinfo/renewcertonline.asp

Number and Content of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours

  1. The appropriate number of clock hours of continuing professional education (CPE), as specified in §232.851 of this title (relating to Number of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours by Classes of Certificates), must be completed during each five-year renewal period. Educators should complete a minimum of 20 clock hours of CPE each year of the renewal period. An educator renewing multiple certificates should complete a minimum of five CPE clock hours each year in the content area knowledge and skills for each certificate being renewed.
  2. One semester credit hour earned at an accredited institution of higher education is equivalent to 15 CPE clock hours.
  3. At least 80% of the CPE activities should be directly related to the certificate(s) being renewed and focus on the standards required for the initial issuance of the certificate(s), including:
    • content area knowledge and skills;
    • professional ethics and standards of conduct;
    • professional development, which should encompass topics such as the following:
      • district and campus priorities and objectives;
      • child development, including research on how children learn;
      • discipline management;
      • applicable federal and state laws;
      • diversity and special needs of student populations;
      • increasing and maintaining parental involvement;
      • integration of technology into educational practices;
      • ensuring that students read on or above grade level;
      • diagnosing and removing obstacles to student achievement; and
      • instructional techniques.
  4. Educators are encouraged to identify CPE activities based on results of the annual appraisal required under the Texas Education Code, Chapter 21, Subchapter H.
  5. An educator eligible to renew multiple classes of certificates issued during the same renewal period may satisfy the requirements specified in §232.851 of this title for any class of certificate issued for less than the full five-year period by completing a prorated number of the required CPE hours. Educators must complete a minimum of one-fifth of the additional CPE hours for each full calendar year that the additional class of certificate is valid.

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