Teacher Professional Development in Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Department of Education website

Oklahoma Professional Development, called "Highly Qualified Teacher," website

Oklahoma Educator Credentialing System website (includes "Users Manual")

Professional development in Oklahoma is driven by No Child Left Behind, as found in the statement, "According to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, teachers of early childhood education, elementary education and core academic subjects (English, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, the arts [art and music], history, and geography) must be highly qualified." This is the connection to the name for Oklahoma's "Highly Qualified Teacher" professional development program. The program requires teachers to acquire a set number of points through participation in inservice programs, lectures, conferences, seminars, study groups, video/DVD, online programs, and book study.

Sample HQ Forms and Directions
• Highly Qualified Requirements At a Glance (OK HQR.pdf)
• PD Report form (OK PD Report.xls)
• PD Toolkit (OK ProfDevToolkit.pdf)
• Summary of Professional Development Points for Certification Renewal form (OK SumProfDevelop.pdf)

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