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Have you ever held a North Dakota teaching certificate or license?

Have you successfully completed at least 18 months of full time contracted teaching in the North Dakota K-12 system, or an equivalent ratio of part-time contracted teaching? (Please note: substitute teaching is not contracted time.) If you have successfully completed 18 months of contracted teaching, you may apply for a five-year license renewal. If you have not completed 18 months of contracted teaching, you may apply for a two-year license renewal.

2-Year Renewals

If you have not completed 18 months of full-time contracted teaching in ND by the time your initial licensure expires, you may continue to renew for two years until you reach the 18 month requirement for the five-year license. The two-year renewal is most often used for those who are teaching part-time, substitute teaching, or who simply want to maintain their ND licensure. You must be recommended for re-licensure and pay the $50 renewal fee. You do not need to submit reeducation hours to renew the two-year license unless you are on re-entry status or go under contract (part-time or full-time).

5-Year Renewals

Once you have completed 18 months of full-time contracted teaching in ND you move into the five-year renewal cycle. You must be recommended for re-licensure and pay the $125 renewal fee. During each five-year renewal, you must be teaching under contract in the ND K-12 system at least 30 days and submit 4 semester hours of reeducation credits. See requirements for REEDUCATION CREDIT. If you do not meet the 30-day requirement you can not continue on the five-year cycle, but are moved back into the regular two-year renewal process. If you do not meet the necessary reeducation requirements you are put on two-year probationary status.

2-Year Probationary Renewals

Two-year probationary licenses are issued if renewal applicants have not completed the required semester hours of reeducation under their previous license. Once on probation, the applicant must complete a total of 8 SH of reeducation, completing the requirements for the previous period plus the probation period and pay the $70 renewal fee. Individuals may defer the reeducation requirements if they are only substituting, but will be denied renewal if they are under contract and do not submit the reeducation hours required during the two-year probation.

American Studies Requirement

North Dakota State Law requires that all teachers who graduated after 9/1/80 take the course in Native American and multicultural studies. North Dakota approved courses are readily available from state institutions and by correspondence. This course is required for in-state and out-of-state applicants. The course must be completed within the time period of the first two-year license under which the educator becomes contracted in North Dakota. If this requirement is not met the license cannot be renewed until the course is completed.


The ESPB will accept either undergraduate or graduate credits toward relicensure. We do not accept CEU credits. Reeducation credits must be either in professional education or in your specific teaching field (applicable to your position) and be from an accredited institution of higher education. (When considering reeducation options, applicants should note that local schools may have policies that allow CEU credits.) You will need to submit copies of your transcripts verifying successful completion of the credits with your application. We will accept photocopies of transcripts for reeducation requirements. Official copies from the institution are required for initial licensure and for added degrees and endorsements.

Two of the recommendations on your application must be your most recent supervisors as detailed on the application form. We cannot accept photocopies or faxes of signatures. If you cannot get the application form to them to sign. They may send us separate letters of recommendation with original signatures.

Re-Education Requirements

General Re-education Requirements: Professional Development Credit: 67.1-02-02-05

The succeeding renewal of the five-year certificate requires verification of a minimum of four semester hours or six quarter hours of college or university credit earned within the dates of the certificate, contracted teaching of a minimum of thirty days, and three recommendations as outlined in subsection 2 of section 67.1-02-02-04. Applicants not meeting these requirements will be processed as indicated under that section. Professional development coursework submitted for renewal may be either undergraduate or graduate credit and must be either in professional education or applicable to the applicant's certified major, minor, or endorsement areas. Applicants who are working toward an added degree or endorsement may use coursework applicable to that expanded area of study for renewal.

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