Teacher Professional Development in New Hampshire

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A minimum of seventy-five (75) continuing education units of professional growth is required during the three years preceding the date of application for recertification. One continuing education unit equates to one clock hour. Details of how these units break out are listed below. If an individual has two or more endorsements it will result in a minimum total requirement which exceeds seventy-five (75) continuing education units of professional growth. Participation in growth activities must be documented. Complete the Renewal Form indicating the date(s) of the activity, the number of units of the activity, and the title of activity for the required category areas A. and B. The form can be downloaded from the Department website. You may be contacted at a later date to provide verification of completion of these activities.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Knowledge of subject or field of specialization (30 units for each area of endorsement). This area relates to the individual's command of knowledge of subject area or field of specialization, or both, including an understanding of the theory and content related to the educator’s primary teaching or special service assignment.
  2. At least 45 of the remaining units aligned with Ed 505.07 Professional Education Competency Requirements

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