Teacher Professional Development in Nebraska

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Nebraska Teaching Certificates

There are three categories of teaching certificates in Nebraska
  • Initial
  • Standard
  • Professional

Professional Growth Requirements for Teachers and Administrators in the Nebraska Public Schools

Statutory Reference 79-830 (paraphrased in the following)

For every six years of full time employment, permanent (tenured) certificated staff must earn six semester hours of college credit or give evidence of professional growth* (to be determined by the local board). The six year clock begins ticking when the employee actually receives tenure. The next six year cycle begins as soon as the preceding six year cycle has ended.
  • *Evidence of professional growth: The local school board may make determination about which activities, if any, it will accept as evidence of professional growth, which may include educational travel, professional publications, or work on educational committees. It may decide that only the six hour avenue remains open to these employees.

  • The board may not elect to selectively accept some credit and not accept other credit. The statute directs that six semester hours of college credit shall be accepted.
  • The six hours has no necessary relevance to advancement on the salary schedule nor to use in renewing a teaching certificate since, in both of these circumstances, there are added requirements describing the hours that will or will not be accepted.
  • The tenured employee who fails to meet the Professional Growth requirement creates “just cause”, under the law, for non renewal of contract and termination of employment. (See 79-824).
  • Employees may not make adjustments of convenience in the six year requirement. While there is no clear direction in statute, it would appear that taking 8 hours, and “saving” 2 of them (because they weren’t used) for the next six year term or deciding to end one six year term early so that the hours taken this summer will be on the next six year term—are examples of manipulations that are NOT permitted.
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