Teacher Professional Development in Montana

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Type 2 Standard Teaching License Renewal Requirements

Combination of college credit and OPI renewal units:
  • 3 semester credits and 15 OPI renewal units; or
  • 4 semester credits; or
  • 4 quarter credits and 20 OPI renewal units; or
  • 5 quarter credits and 10 OPI renewal units; or
  • 6 quarter credits

What is a renewal unit?

1 semester credit = 15 OPI renewal units
1 quarter credit = 10 OPI renewal units
1 hour of attendance at a workshop = 1 OPI renewal unit

All academic credit must be earned from a regionally accredited college or university.

All non-academic credit programs must be authorized by an "Approved Provider" renewal unit credit. Government agencies (federal, state, tribal, county, city) and professional education organizations may be "Approved Providers" by agreeing by the Administrative Rules governing professional development activities.

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