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Educators are required to maintain an Individual Professional Development Plan, reasonable documentation that validates the completion of an activity and the number of points accrued, and a record of complete recertification activities. The record of complete recertification activities must include the topic and type of professional activities completed, the dates of the activities, and the number of points completed.

Educators with standard certificates issued or renewed after December 1, 1999 must develop Individual Professional Development Plans that include 150 PDP (Professional Development Points). At least 120 PDPs must be in the content area of the certificate or in pedagogy directly related to the primary certificate, with at least 90 of these PDPs in the content area of the primary certificate.

Educators working in Massachusetts public schools must get initial approval of their professional development plans from their supervisors. The supervisor shall approve the plan if 120 of the content and pedagogy PDPs are consistent with school and district educational improvement goals. A minimum of 10 PDPs must be earned in a specific topic to count toward recertification. Educators must include their supervisor's endorsement of the complete professional development plan in their application for recertification. Professional development plans must include an additional 30 PDPs in the content area of each additional certificate to be renewed.

Types of Professional Licenses

Preliminary License -

  • Valid for 5 years of employment
  • For people who have not completed Approved Educator Preparation Program
  • Requirements:
    • A Bachelor's Degree
    • Passing Score(s) on MTEL
    • Additional Coursework for Some Licenses

Initial License -
  • Valid for 5 years of employment
  • May be extended one time for 5 additional years of employment
  • Requirements:
Initial License Map:

Professional License -
  • Valid for 5 calendar years
  • Requirements:

Professional License Map:
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