Teacher Professional Development in Maine

Maine Department of Education website

  1. Complete a Preliminary Action Plan at the beginning of your 5-year cycle.
  2. You must take 6 credits over the next 5 years. Each time you take a course/workshop for credits you will need to complete a pink “Course Project Approval Form.”
  3. Credits can be: (a) College credits, (b) CEU’s - 1.5 CEU’s = 1 credit, (c) Contact hours = 15 hours = 1 credit
  4. Transcripts must be sent to the Recertification Secretary
  5. Upon completion of 6 credits, you will complete a “Recap of Certification Work Completed”
  6. Send the “Recap of Certification Work Completed” to the Recertification Secretary for approval by the Support System Chairperson

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