Teacher Professional Development in Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Education website on professional development. The following information is directly quoted from the website.

Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program (LaTAAP)

The primary goal of the LaTAAP is the improvement of teaching and learning. An equally important goal is to ensure that teachers certified in Louisiana are able to effectively provide instruction. Successful completion of the LaTAAP is required for new teachers entering service for the first time in a Louisiana public school system. The program has two basic purposes:

  • To provide new teachers with a planned program of leadership and support from experienced educators
  • To provide assurance to the state prior to the issuance of a permanent Louisiana teacher certificate that the new teacher demonstrates competency in the understanding and use of the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching, the teaching standards that form the assessment criteria.
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LaTAAP Manuals and Forms

LaTAAP Resources

LaTAAP and Mentoring Information

Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching

Policies and Procedures for Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment

General Teacher Development

Learning Intensive Networking Communities for Success (LINCS) website. The following information is directly quoted from the website.

LINCS is a professional development process which builds a foundation for whole-school implementation of quality professional development. The school-based professional learning communities serve to address the needs of a school, its teachers, and their students. The process allows for continued growth in content knowledge and instructional practices, integration of state initiatives, and emphasis on improving student performance. LINCS serves as a catalyst for effective implementation of multiple professional development programs.

Specific to music teachers, there are music lessons and supporting materials online on the Division Standards, Assessments, and Accountability website. These are narrated by the conductor of the Baton Rouge Symphony and excerpts are performed by the orchestra.

For additional details, see the Louisiana Department of Education website.

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