Teacher Professional Development in Idaho

The following information is quoted from the Idaho State Department of Education certification website:

The Office of Certification & Professional Standards operates within the State Department of Education to provide information, professional support, and resources to Idaho educators. Activities of the office include:

  • Administering the processes for the certification and recertification of professional school personnel in the State of Idaho.
  • Supporting the work of the Professional Standards Commission, which has the authority to:
    • Provide statewide leadership in identifying the needs of teachers and in developing, supporting, and recognizing activities that result in improved educational opportunities for students;
    • Make recommendations to the State Board of Education regarding teacher preparation programs, teacher certification standards, and professional practices and competence of the teaching profession in the state;
    • Investigate and hold hearings on any signed complaint alleging unethical practice by any certificated individual.

Idaho Teaching Certificates

Initial Idaho Teaching Certificate: 5 years
Interim (holding licensure from another state) Idaho Teaching Certificate: 3 years
Professional Idaho Teaching Certificate: 5 year renewal cycle.

Teacher Professional Growth and Development

Idaho State Board of Education Requirements for Professional Growth:

  • Credits taken for recertification must be educationally related to the professional development of the applicant.
  • Graduate or undergraduate credit will be accepted for recertification. Credit must be college transferable and completed through an accredited college or university.
  • All requests for equivalent inservice training to apply toward recertification must be made through the State Department of Education upon recommendation of the board of trustees consistent with State Department of Education guidelines.
  • At least fifteen (15) clock hours of formal instruction must be given for each hour of inservice credit granted.
  • Recertification credits may not be carried over from one (1) recertification period to the next.
  • Certificated personnel teaching in subjects outside their major area of preparation will be encouraged to complete the courses required for major certification endorsement.

Idaho State Board of Education Professional Development Requirements (4-1-97):

  • School Districts will have professional development plans
  • All certificated personnel will be required to complete at least six semester credit hours or the equivalent within the five (5) year period of validity of the certificate being renewed
  • At least three (3) semester credits will be taken for university or college credit. Verification will be by official transcript.

Certificate Renewal Process

  1. Certificates are valid from September 1 to August 31 of any given year. All regular Idaho credentials must be renewed every five (5) years to remain valid.
  2. Applications for renewal must be made on an actual renewal form (see form B1-R, available on the Teacher Certification website).
  3. Certificates are renewed on September 1 of the year in which the certificate expires. The renewal application and $75 fee may be submitted anytime between January 1 and August 31 of the year in which the certificate expires.
  4. Official transcripts must be included to verify completion of at least six (6) semester credit hours, or nine (9) quarter hours, within the validity period of the credential being renewed. "Coursework in an area is accepted at the 100 level or above if it appears for credit on an official transcript from an accredited college or university. Correspondence and independent study credits on official transcripts are also accepted. Continuing Education Units are not accepted."
  5. Inservice hours may be used by Idaho educators who hold a current Idaho teaching certificate as a substitute for up to three (3) of the six (6) semester credit hours required for certificate renewal. Fifteen (15) contact hours are equivalent to one (1) inservice hour. A verification of completion equivalent inservice training form must include 1.) the dates of the inservice and total clock hours of instruction received’ and, 2.) the signatures of the professional development chair and superintendent (see form B7).
  6. If an educator holding an Idaho credential is required to meet the literacy provisions of section 33-1207A, Idaho Code, he/she must complete the SBOE-required three (3) semester credit hours of the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course, or pass the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment, or obtain a written waiver. If a letter signed by the superintendent and board chair is sent to the certification office requesting a waiver for an individual to not be held accountable for the requirements of this statute, this request will be considered.

Contact: Christina Linder, Director, (208) 332-6886

For more information, see the Idaho State Department of Education website.

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