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Standard Renewal Requirements 505-2-.24

Certificate renewal is an outcome of applying Professional Standards Commission (PSC) - accepted continuing professional learning activities toward the continued validity of a state certificate. While it is essential for individual educators to maintain valid certificates, the activities of professional learning should be focused toward school improvement leading to increased student learning. The goal of certificate renewal and professional learning is for educators within a school system to work together to enhance established educational goals for the individual educator, the school and the district to assist students in meeting state standards for student achievement.

Clear Renewable and Performance-Based Certificates

The two types of renewable Georgia certificates are the Clear Renewable and Performance-Based (PB) certificates. These certificates are valid for a 5-year period, during which time the following requirements must be met:
  1. 6 semester hours of college course work; or 10 credits of Georgia Professional Learning Units (PLUs); or 10 credits of Continuing Education Units, or 10 credits based on U.S. DOE Teacher-To-Teacher Workshops; or, completion of one full year of acceptable school experience (as outlined in Rule 505-2-.37, paragraph 5) while working in another state on a valid certificate issued by that state
  2. a criminal record check

Types and Timing of Renewal Credit

To be acceptable for certificate renewal, credit may be in any combination of the following:

  1. College course work reflected on official transcripts from PSC-accepted accredited institutions (See Rule 505-2-.22); (a) Course work must be a grade of “c” or better; (b) 3 semester hours is equivalent to 5 quarter hours; (c) Developmental studies courses and course work that is audited and/or exempted without credit shall not be accepted.
  2. Professional Learning Units (PLUs) reflected on official transcripts from school systems, colleges or other state agencies approved by the Georgia Department of Education;
  3. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) issued by a PSC-approved accredited college or university OR a provider authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

  • PSC-approved accredited colleges or universities may award CEUs through their local Continuing Education Center.
  • Only International Association For Continuing Education Units (IACET) authorized providers and approved license users may use the IACET CEU and logo. The list of authorized providers and the process required to become an authorized provider is available on the IACET website.

The Georgia Master Teacher Certification Program

(The following information is quoted from the The Georgia Master Teacher Certification website)

The Georgia Master Teacher Certification Program is designed to achieve Governor Perdue’s goal of providing statewide recognition for full-time certified public school teachers with at least three years of teaching experience in Georgia who consistently demonstrate excellence in the classroom through gains in student achievement. Teachers who meet the criteria for Master Teacher Certification will create the pool for state-funded Academic Coaches.

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