Teacher Professional Development in Delaware

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Guidelines for Renewal of Licenses


Teachers in Delaware must complete 90 clock hours of professional development every five years to receive licensure renewal. Professional development activities focus on the Delaware Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers may choose from fifteen options (see Guidelines for Renewal of a Continuing License).

Continuing Licenses (renewal) are issued to teachers who have held a Standard or Professional Status License. A Continuing License is valid for five years. Teachers must complete professional development activities (90 clock hours) for license renewal.

Teachers are required to choose professional development experiences that enhance their specific teaching situation and are aligned with the Delaware Teaching Standards. The following questions are to be applied to each professional development activity:

Does the Activity –
  • Enhance my knowledge/skills in my job?
  • Contribute to my school or profession?
  • Meet one of the renewal options?
  • Address one of the standards of my area of the profession?
  • Have the approval of my immediate supervisor? (p. 3)

The following renewal options are available for teachers in the Delaware:
  • College credit
  • ‘Clusters’ of skills and knowledge
  • Planned school professional development day
  • Professional conference/workshop/institute/academy
  • Required recertification to retain Delaware professional license
  • Mentoring
  • Cooperating teacher/intern supervisor
  • Presentation
  • Educational project
  • Curriculum/assessment development
  • Educational travel
  • Professional programs/committees
  • Peer coaching
  • Publication
  • Professional portfolio
  • NBPTS Certification or similar National Certification
  • Formal study groups

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