Teacher Professional Development in Arizona

All of the information below may be found on the Arizona Department of Education website.

Professional Development and Certificate Renewals

1. Professional Development, Renewals and Alignments website

  • Certificates may be renewed upon the completion of 180 clock hours of development activities or 12 semester hours of education coursework during the valid period of the certificate.

2. Arizona includes professional development standards in the area of context standards, process standards, and content standards.

3. Accepted professional development activities include the following:
  • academic courses related to education or a subject area taught in Arizona public schools
  • district or school-sponsored in-service training specifically designed for professional development
  • professional (education related) conferences and workshops
  • business internship
  • education research sponsored by a research facility or accredited institution or funded by a grant
  • servicing in a leadership role of a professional organization
  • serving on a visitation team for a school accreditation agency
  • completion of the process for certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

Teaching Certificate Requirements

See the website on teaching certificate requirements for specific requirements to obtain provisional and standard certificates at the elementary and secondary levels.

Music Teacher Endorsement Requirements

1. In order to be endorsed to teach music, candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • a valid Arizona Elementary, Secondary or Special Education Certificate
  • one course in the methods of teaching music at the elementary level
  • one course in the methods of teaching music at the secondary level
  • either 30 semester hours of courses in the subject area OR a passing score on the subject area portion of the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment

2. Endorsements are automatically renewed with the teaching certificate on which they are posted.

Arizona's Professional Teacher Standards

1. Arizona has 9 teacher standards including the following:
  • #6 - The teacher reviews and evaluates his or her overall performance and implements a professional development plan.

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